„Germany’s military maneuvers“

Zum 30. Jahrestages des Tian’anmen-Massakers am 4. Juni erlangt der folgende Beitrag in der europäischen Online-Ausgabe von Politico unsere Aufmerksamkeit, den wir an dieser Stelle ausnahmweise vollständig und unkommentiert wiedergeben möchten (Hervorhebungen meer verstehen):

Germany’s military maneuvers
By John Vinocur (05.06.19)

Officials contemplate sending a warship through the Taiwan Strait.

Germany is considering a break from decades of military non-confrontation.

High ranking officials are contemplating sending a warship through the Taiwan Strait — joining the United States and France in challenging Beijing’s claims to what the West regards as an international waterway.

If Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government actually goes ahead, it will be a remarkable revision of its we-keep-out-of-conflict reflexes. Germany will be openly backing its allies in a strategy certain to be found provocative by the country’s enforcers of non-combatant passivity. Weiterlesen